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It is the unusual behavior of things we don’t know or can’t explain. What spurs so many UFO sightings every year?

It is now common knowledge that we are in a universe that is mathematically impossible to not harbor intelligent life.

We have yet to prove any life exists at all. That is due to our limited sight and knowledge as humans.

What about that remaining 5%? Which is now considerably larger than it used to be.

Thanks to YouTube and various UFO community portals online.

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The sighting was not all that different than most stories. A shiny object flying in the sky. Bobbing slightly in the same location for an extended period of time.

These early sightings certainly debunk many popular explanations of military craft that exist today.

Thanks to ease of access to camera phones and the internet.

This eliminates any inconsistencies from written reports. UFO’s still tend to follow predictable patterns and descriptions.

However, with witnesses: oblong saucers, perfect spheres, and some anamorphic balls that radiate light in an oscillating fashion.

The flying patterns of UFOs are the biggest link to the countless reported sightings around the globe.

An alien observer defies our standard flight technology. Obviously  all UFO behaviors exhibit odd or advanced patterns.

Flying stationary at high altitudes isn’t normal, even with a slight bob. Fast, erratic, and/or highly coordinated routes is not normal.

Last, but not least is the category of alien abductions along with UFO sightings.

It is difficult to find comprehensive studies on this topic because it is so taboo to the public.

These close encounters are also fairly consistent in reports, but they are often hard to recall by witnesses.

Scientists think that most accounts of alien abductions are really just experiences with sleep disorders and feelings of sleep paralysis.


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